Fallon Family Wellness Center’s Mission

Fallon Family Wellness Center’s mission is to provide quality treatment, support and confidence to children, adults, and families through a network of mental health, behavioral health, educational and wellness services.

Fallon Family Wellness Center’s Vision

Helping people create productive futures.

Fallon Family Wellness Center’s Values

In support of our Mission and Vision, we respect, value, and promote:

  • Dignity, respect, and compassion for all people
  • The highest quality standards in our work
  • Accountability to those we serve for the ethical, effective, and efficient use of resources
  • The creative contributions of dedicated staff and volunteers
  • Professional excellence through on-going training in evidenced based practice and continuous quality improvement
  • The importance of family, community, and other significant connections in the provision of individualized, responsive care
  • A commitment to providing leadership in developing a responsive and innovative service-delivery system in the rural communities.
  • A strong network of community partnerships
  • An active advocacy program

Our professional staff include Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Clinical Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Interns, Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Counselors, Certified Professional Coaches, and Certified Health Coaches. Together, they possess a wide range of experience and expertise in Mental Health, Behavioral, Rehabilitative and Wellness Services, including:

  • Mental Health Assessments and Evaluations
  • Drug, Alcohol and Gambling Evaluations
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Anger Management
  • Grief and loss/Trauma
  • EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)
  • Psychiatric Medication Management
  • Certified Professional Coaching/Counseling
  • Certified Functional Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching

We are currently offering telehealth sessions. 

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